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Great 3 Days!

Nov 11, 2015 by Edgar Roberts

Just getting out there and actually walking and getting to see what we have heard about in the workshops was such a blessing, having this all come together made this event a wonderful experience.

Well informed and easy to understand.

Nov 05, 2015 by Connie Buckley

They broke down the numbers to a realistic scale. I was able to see how simple it is to make this work, and it really put things into perspective.

Great Confidence Booster

Nov 05, 2015 by Carla Bell

The numbers don't lie. To see how many other people have been successful, it really give s me confidence that I can be successful as well. Very well put together. Thanks!

No more Fears

Oct 30, 2015 by Brenda McGee

Now I'm not afraid to go out there and do it on my own. This is such an important step and I will definitely be recommending it to everyone that I know.

Doubts turned to Beliefs

Oct 30, 2015 by Barb Hayes

I went into the event wondering if it will be worthwhile, and that definitely proved to be true. I'm so excited now to be able to move forward and put this to work.

Wealth of Knowledge

Oct 19, 2015 by AJ

The event definitely brought clarification to areas that i found cloudy. I love how I was shown the proper way to get a house, and took what would have taken me as much as 3 times as long to learn on my own, and put it into one weekend.

Great Kick Start!

Oct 19, 2015 by Aaron Carter

Absolutely wonderful. The learning material, the advice, and the marketing strategies that were taught gave me great confidence to be able to start my own business.

Easy Transition

Oct 02, 2015 by Peter Smith

I've been looking at my local market, and seen how much success has been there. Making the transition from my old job to this has been very easy with all of the information and examples that I was given. The workshop and training's really gave me the information I need to get this going.

Hands-On Training

Oct 02, 2015 by Sheera Griffin

I loved how everything was hands-on this weekend. Really gave me a great example to see what I will be doing on my own. Everything that I learned this last weekend was so valuable to my future!

Very Detailed

Sep 30, 2015 by Devon Monroe

I took the training and it was very interesting, I came out with so much more knowledge than I went in with. It was very beneficial to meet the agents and actually working in the business scenario. So detailed!

5.0 5.0 20 20 Just getting out there and actually walking and getting to see what we have heard about in the workshops was such a blessing, having this all come together made this event a wonder Boots On the Ground

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Edwin Blackhurst


Edwin Blackhurst was raised in a third world country, which has given him a unique appreciation for the opportunities people who work hard have in America. Throughout the country, Edwin has bought and sold many distressed properties and hundreds of liens. He believes he can always find the right property for the right person and he regularly earns above-average market returns.

Edwin has developed many friendships through his coaching and loves making a positive impact on people’s lives. He enjoys being outdoors, spending time with family, and expanding his circle of friends.

Sherry Carlson


Sherry Carlson has more than 15 years of experience as a real estate investor and designer, finding success buying and selling homes from foreclosure auctions that she has fixed up, as well as selling spec homes she has built. Sherry has a great deal of experience training investors and has a special talent for explaining investment techniques and strategies in a way that is straightforward and understandable.
Sherry has great people skills and is a true believer in putting the customer first and takes great pride in assisting real estate students on a daily basis. She continually strives to develop her education and improve customer satisfaction.

Cory Larson


Cory Larson’s career in real estate started in 2005. Working for a 50-agent real estate company in a managerial position, Cory helped the agency expand to 160 agents, many of them new to real estate, over the course of a year. Later, Cory moved on to a national real estate company managing and training a team of more than 400 agents. Prior to his real estate career, Cory studied music education at Brigham Young University and worked several different jobs, from director of operations and site director to business consultant and corporate trainer.Cory enjoys many hobbies during his downtime, including volleyball, football with his four boys, cooking with his wife, teaching acting classes and directing theater productions.

Michael Hilkey


From humble beginnings growing up poor, Michael Hilkey’s goal in life was finding financial freedom. He knew in order to do that he would have to push himself to learn on his own. Since his first investment property in California in 1987, Michael has spent the last 30 years learning from the best mentors real estate had to offer. He has had the opportunity to work with many well respected authors and teachers, mentoring students for Dean Graziosi, Robert and Kim Kyosaki, Jack Canfield, and Stephen R Covey.

Michael believes success comes from helping others find success of their own and takes great pride in being a mentor. He understands the importance of surrounding yourself with a powerful team always says what you know is less important than how you think.

Craig Mitchell


Craig Mitchell has extensive past real estate experience, including home building and inspections. His hard work and dedication even earned him a “Rookie of the Year” award. Craig excels at helping students put the tips and information learned in real estate lessons into action. He loves watching students get excited about real estate and evolve into successful business owners.

When Craig isn’t working with students, he can usually be found playing basketball, skiing, hunting, hiking, and flying model airplanes.

Drew Moren


Drew Moren has an impressive background in business with experience starting and managing several personal businesses as an entrepreneur combined with time as the Chief Operating Officer at a major retail company in the US. In addition to being a licensed realtor, he also has a BS degree in Business Administration with a minor in marketing. Drew loves working with others and surrounding himself with the interesting, intelligent people of real estate.

Drew thoroughly enjoys mentoring and has been working with the same young man for the nine years as part of the Big Brothers/Big Sisters program. He enjoys travelling, skiing, practicing mixed martial arts and is a Fantasy Football League Champion.

Casey Poppinga


Prior to his career in real estate, Casey Poppinga played football at both the University of Wyoming and Utah State University followed by two years in the National Football League. Following his career in football, Casey pursued his MBA at Utah State University and was quickly hired as a real estate consultant. He has since mentored many very successful students, such as Matt Larson who was a machine shop operator before building his real estate empire. In addition to mentoring, Casey has enjoyed a successful career in real estate investment of his own. He continues to buy and sell homes he fixes up, owns rental properties in Michigan, Missouri, and Illinois, and does hard money loans for other investors.

When not investing or mentoring, Casey can be found spending time with his family camping, hunting, river rafting, water skiing, and snow skiing.

Nathan Street


Personal development is what drives Nathan Street. He grew up in a difficult home environment and, after an argument with his mother, Nathan had to decide who he wanted to be in life. This made him realize that he had more control over his fate than he thought. Since then, he has continued to work hard to achieve his goals, going so far as to earn the prestigious Distinguished Eagle Scout Award. After starting his first business at 18, Nathan ran a number of enterprises and worked as a licensed mortgage broker before becoming a trainer. He uses his knowledge, tenacity, and adaptability to help coach clients through any obstacle they might come up against on the road to success.

He loves sharing what he’s learned with clients and loves helping people advance their dreams and improve their lives. He interest include art, cycling, and public speaking.

Jeff Parrish


Jeff Parrish has spent the past decade flipping homes using strategies like wholesaling and bird-dogging. He loves the challenges found in real estate as well as the social opportunities that continually help him expand his network. In the past, Jeff has worked as a real estate agent and a loan officer. Now he’s more likely to be found doing the hands-on work of whatever property he’s currently rehabbing, focusing more on the “nuts and bolts” side of the business where his passion truly lies. Jeff is always sure to provide personal training and guidance to employees he manages and enjoys training others in the real estate techniques that have been profitable for him. Jeff’s competitive nature makes him a great mentor in helping others who are motivated to succeed in real estate. His hobbies include adventurous sports such as motocross, rock climbing, snowmobiling, and just about any athletic activity.

Boots On The Ground

An exclusive event where our students have the opportunity to buy turnkey assets and receive training from top real estate experts.

Meet The Trainers

Jan Plumb


Jan Plumb has an MBA, an MS in psychology, and 45 years of real estate experience that includes roles such as principal broker and general contractor. He has developed high-end custom homes, townhouse subdivisions, and commercial projects in past projects. He has also renovated and remodeled a number of apartment buildings and more than 50 homes. Jan enjoys witnessing the fruition of his projects almost as much as seeing the project being enjoyed by people.

When not working on a real estate project, Jan takes pride in helping people attain better lives by acting as mentor and life coach to fellow real estate agents and clients. He plays tennis competitively and enjoys several outdoor sports, including skiing, hiking, surfing, and scuba diving.

Earl Cline


Earl Cline has an extensive background in real estate. He began working as a realtor while getting his degree in finance at the University of Utah, landing an internship in California at the Institute of Real Estate Management (IREM) after graduation. After a few short years, Earl was running the Los Angeles office of a large property management company that managed 5000 apartment units and almost 1,000,000 square feet of commercial space. He has also renovated and flipped nearly 2500 apartment units while working for a large developer and managed the western region for an REIT.

Since 2000, Earl has had is own real estate brokerage that concentrates on investments and also works to raise private equity to help people invest in long term real estate projects. Earl has been devoting a portion of his time to helping others find success in real estate since 2005.

Amber Gintz


Amber has spent the 12 years since receiving her real estate license studying the shifts in the real estate market. She believes real estate provides a great deal of potential and loves working closely with investors. Her passion for training started while she was an alternative high school teacher where she used patience and clear instruction to help students overcome challenges. She loves working with people to develop the right attitude and goals to find their path to success and continually stretches her limits in order to offer those she trains her very best.

Working as a Real Estate Education Group trainer allows Amber to combine two of her passions: teaching and real estate. Her passions outside of work include her two children, being outdoors, traveling, and finding adventure wherever she can.

Shahid “Shah” Bahadur


In 2003, Shahid “Shah” Bahadur began his career in real estate working with investors and luxury properties. In the following two years he ranked among the top five out of the 120 agents in his brokerage. By 2006 Shah was a co-owner of his own office working as a sales manager where he mentored and trained agents, helping his office produce over $18 million in sales in that year alone. He has used a number of tactics in finding his success and has enjoyed the ups and downs of investing.

Shah is fluent in Urdu, Punjabi, Hindi, and English. He speaks some Spanish and can read and write Arabic. He loves to travel, learn about other cultures, and is working hard to improve his cooking skills by watching the Food Network. He loves spending time with his friends and family, especially his daughter, and enjoys competing on the volleyball court and at poker tables.

Eric Roberts


Eric Roberts has a diverse background in the world of investment properties. His current properties include a duplex, single family residence, and two lease-option properties. In addition to being very knowledgeable in real estate finance, he is also a licensed loan officer and regularly invests in stocks and foreign exchange. This varied experience makes Eric an outstanding trainer.

Eric’s hobbies include both playing and watching football and basketball, collecting sports cards, cooking, and spending time with his wife and five children.

Brandon Strickland


Brandon Strickland got his start in real estate early working with his father on a number of carpentry and home building projects. He received his bachelor’s degree from Brigham Young University in urban planning followed by his master’s degree in public administration at the University of Utah. Prior to his career in real estate investment, Brandon worked for local government as an inspector and for an investment company as an asset manager.

Taking run-down houses and turning them into a place where people can build a home is what Brandon likes most about real estate investing. His enthusiasm shines through when working as a consultant and he works hard to motivate students to overcome whatever hurdle might be in their path to success. In his downtime, Brandon likes to be with his family in the great outdoors camping, backpacking, and hiking.

Rick Talbot


Rick Talbot’s real estate experience has taught him how to use his creativity to make projects work for everyone involved, utilizing strategies such as land deals, lease options, assignments, and billboards. He loves real estate and loves meeting new people. His personal success in real estate helped him improve his own life, which is what compelled him to coach others to help them realize their potential and reach their financial goals.

Rich has a bachelor’s degree in communications with a PR emphasis and a business management minor. He loves spending time with family and friends and an avid fisherman.

Kim Thurman


Kim Thurman has years of training experience and believes that the learning process is one that should never truly end. She has a deep love for reading and considers what she learns while reading to be the lifeblood of her career as she fine-tunes her skills as a teacher. Kim is a great listener and adept at understanding the concerns of others. This allows her to find simple ways to share complex concepts to students and help them navigate their personal challenges. She takes great pride in the success of her students and loves the thrill of witnessing them have the courage to move out of their comfort zone as they pursue their goals.

Most of Kim’s time outside of training is devoted to her family, especially with two-year-old twins at home. She works hard to instill in her children that through hard work and education they can accomplish anything. She enjoys biking, swimming, playing racquetball, weightlifting, movies, and simply hanging out.

Roy Voeks


Roy Voeks began buying homes while he was pursuing his bachelor’s degree in history education at Brigham Young University. Since that start in real estate investing he has bought dozens of properties utilizing both creative and more traditional strategies to finance his projects. He also has experience with tax liens and deeds.

Roy is a former Army Reserve Officer in the Corps of Engineers. He spends much of his downtime with young athletes, coaching youth sports and acting as a basketball referee, football official, and baseball umpire for high school sports. He is very involved in state and local politics. He loves spending time with his wife, six children, and one grandchild.

Matthew Walton


Matthew Walton’s extensive real estate experience includes time in the mortgage, lending, and finance industries. He has taken part in a number of trainings and seminars to hone his real estate and training knowledge and has worked as a consultant, real estate team leader, and director of consulting. This background allows Matthew to holistically help his clients find their own success.

Matthew loves working with clients and seeks out every opportunity to learn from his fellow trainers. He is always looking for ways to form new relationships and connections.

Paul McGraw


Paul McGraw has spent the last 15 years in real estate utilizing a variety of strategies, such as rehab, rentals, short sales, and lease options. For several years he has been the top Real Estate Investment Coach, helping more than 1100 people find their own success in real estate investing. His experience includes hundreds of commercial and residential real estate transactions, more than 1000 exchanges, and even business sales.

In addition to his real estate experience, Paul has a good grasp of marketing that he has used to help more than 300 non-real estate businesses. He also worked as an adjunct professor for a few years where he taught marketing to small businesses.

Barry Duke


Prior to real estate, Barry Duke acquired an impressive and varied career. He was a member of the US Coast Guard from 1980 until 2000, after which he worked in corporate security, law enforcement, transportation, project management, construction management, and commercial property.

In 2007, Barry attended a real estate investment training with his wife. After several years of buying and selling personal real estate properties, he decided to pursue real estate as a career in 2014 and received his Utah State Sales Agent license in March of 2015. He closed his first deal within 30 days and has two more in progress. His rich background and experience has been a valuable asset in helping others reach their highest level of success.

Karen Ellsworth


Karen Ellsworth has more than 10 years of management and operations experience and is a successful entrepreneur. She is highly organized, motivated to achieve success, and is very results-oriented. She has been working as a sales and real estate consultant for two years and has a versatile view of what it’s like to own and operate a business. She enjoys coming to work every day and encouraging and coaching clients in a fun, positive environment.

When she’s not working, Karen likes to jog, ski, ride four-wheelers, boogieboard, spend time outdoors, and read. She continually strives to find happiness in the present and enjoy each day.

Ted Wood


Ted was personally mentored by some of the top Real Estate Investors in the country and is happy to share what he has learned and used in his own investing. While Ted has worked on Flips with other coaches and mentors, his prefers cash flow properties. Ted has Coached, Trained or Mentored over 1000 students in Sales, Business, or most frequently Real Estate Investing. After receiving a BS in Business Administration, Ted went on to own and manage two successful software companies. Ted is a Certified Financial Planner (CFP) and a Certified Professional Behavior Analyst (CPBA).

He began work in real estate in 2006 and was a former part owner of Team Armando Flipping.
Ted is known around the office for finding creative ways to draft proposals and get deals done.