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Visionary Events values nothing more than the success of its students, and we aim to do all we can to provide each individual involved with a meaningful and quality experience. Whether you have years of experience investing, or are just getting started, we are confident in you finding the tools and resources you need with the help of our exceptional team.

Our experienced educators teach principles that have yielded great success in today’s markets, and our students have gone on to see their own success with the help of what they learn.

Visionary Events is an education company that takes part in teaching thousands of individuals every year on how to become engaged in today’s real estate markets. Our events and seminars provide opportunities for individuals to not only learn about principles of investing, but also teach them how to put those same principles into action.

Many of those who become a part of our student body have concerns, and the desire to find a method that will help them to achieve financial security in their lives. And several of those individuals go on to make this a reality as they put all of the investment strategies that Visionary Events teaches to work and begin building their own investment portfolios.


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Lynn Alder has over 30 years’ experience as an Investor. After receiving his MBA from Utah State University, he began working as a National sales manager for Libra Programming. Lynn then went on as President of Mark Harldson’s Computer Division, and skyrocketed the division from 0 to $7 Million dollars in just 4 years. In addition to his Investing, Lynn owns over 245 properties, all while balancing being a devoted husband, and father to 4 boys. He enjoys spending his spare time outdoors Boating, Skiing, and Golfing. Lynn loves public speaking and helping people achieve the results that they want, which is why he has been working as an investor for over 10 Years.


Ryan has been an owner and investor for the past 14 years. Originally from both Arizona and Utah, Ryan experience training others about investing strategies in both of those locations – and many others. When he isn’t being a devoted husband and father of 5 children, Ryan spends his free time Skiing and mountain biking, and helping others to achieve the same success that he has had in his life.


Fred has been helping others and trading since 2008. In those past years, he has helped develop the company ProTrader institute, became a licensed stock broker in Australia, and learned how to take tasks that seem impossible and complete them from the ground up. Born in Detroit Michigan, Fred has been in Florida for the majority of his life, where he enjoys going to the beach and being the head cheerleader for his daughter’s softball team. After learning how to trade stocks in 2003, Fred has been teaching and speaking on these topics for the last 7 years.


Robert is a current owner of 3 separate mortgage offices. After graduating from BYU with a Bachelor’s degree in finance, Robert bought his first investment at the age of 23. Since that time, he has been the author of several books, and has even owned and was the head chef at two of his own restaurants. When he isn’t writing or cooking, Robert loves to be a father to his 5 children, and has a passion for outdoor wilderness survival. He has been an internal trainer, and has helped over 500,000 people during the course of his career.


Judith has been a small business owner ever since she graduated with her BSBA Business degrees from the University of Louisville. After interning and working for London House Designs, Judith began to get interested in investing, and has been an investor since the 1980’s. Born and raised in Kentucky by her father who was a university professor, Judith has always had a passion for history, architecture and design. She spends her free time being a dance instructor, and travels every chance that she gets. Judith has an awesome energy and enthusiasm, and loves to help other grow while she grows as well.


Layne has owned and operated over three retail businesses for more than 20 years. In addition to being a small business owner, she has also been a sales speaker for the past 10 years. Layne has seen many successes since she was born and raised in the small town of Richfield, Utah. He is a father to 4 children, and a grandfather to 5 grandchildren. In his spare time he loves playing in the outdoors, whether that be skiing at Lake Powell, Mountain Biking in Red Rock County, or blazing across the desert in her RZR. Layne has been an active trader for the past 3.5 years, and has seen a high returns on many of his investments.


Steven has been a president of two different financial planning organizations. Since that time, he has earned many licenses and certifications, including graduating and becoming a financial planner. Steven grew up in Orange County California, but now resides in Atlanta where he is married and has two sons. When he is not spending his spare time fly fishing, he has a passion for writing. Steven has written two books, and uses his knowledge and experience to help others move forward with their investments.


Michael graduated from BYU with an associate’s degree. Since graduating, he has made a career out of running the US Water Specialties for over 19 years. He has then continued his opportunities helping others by being a speaker for 13 years. Michael grew up in Utah County and has 4 children and 1 grandson, who he adores. He enjoys his spare time by experiencing the outdoors, playing golf, and investing. He has been investing since he was 22, and has obtained much knowledge from his successes and experiences.


Wayne graduated from Liberty University with a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Theatre arts. Upon graduating, he took his talents to the Washington D.C. Kennedy Center, where he performed for the next 5 years. After his Theatre career was finished, Wayne then followed more of his passions in public speaking and investing. He has been investing for nearly 14 years, seeing many positive results. After speaking and investing in California, Wayne then moved back to his hometown of Jacksonville, Florida. This is where he currently resides with his wife Katie, their three children, and one more on the way.


Connor is a professional Investor who started his very first business at the age of 20. He is currently a senior at BYU, completing his degree in Business Management. He is the owner of Gen Y Investments, and also is an international speaker. Connor grew up in Draper Utah, is an avid golfer, tennis player, and grew up singing and entertaining. He started his company at a young age, and is a natural entrepreneur, looking to continue his business growth and opportunities.


Charlie graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Management from San Diego State University, then went on to become the National Account Executive of Supermedia. After Supermedia, Charlie become the Marketing Manager for Costco Wholesale, where he opened multiple warehouses in Colorado and drove sales with high volume shoppers. Charlie was born and raised in Southern California, where he basically lived in the water. He currently has five children, and works as an investor, working with automating stocks and notes.


Originally from the UK Stephen Edwards first came to America in 1981 on, as they say in the UK, holiday. During his 6 week visit he fell in love with our great country and decided to come and live here in The United States. Seven years later he was still living in England!

Six months later Stephen had sold all his belongings, bought a new business in Tampa Florida and moved to the United States to fulfill his dream.

After his business failed and he lost everything in 1994 he started to work on himself and study personal development. Stephen sought out the best teachers and mentors and eventually wound up working for the master of them all Anthony Robbins.

It wasn’t until 2003 when Stephen was introduced to the world of Real Estate investing and the principles of wealth that his financial life really turned around.

In just two short years Stephen went from being broke, living in a rented house, credit shot and having no job, to controlling millions of dollars of Real Estate and living in multi-million dollar home.

Today, Stephen lives in University Park, Florida.


Upon his graduation from Brigham Young University with a degree in Finance, Todd decided that he wanted to travel the world. He has since spoken and taught in numerous countries around the worlds such as Hong Kong, Australia, and the Caribbean. He has used his knowledge in finance to train hundreds of thousands on investments, and has been able to secure himself a sufficient lifestyle with his personal investing. Todd grew up and lived the majority of his life before college in Spokane Washington, and is currently expecting a child with his wife Kailee, who have been married for four years.


Joanna has taught English both internationally and within the United States since she graduated from BYU with a Bachelor’s degree in English Education. Along with being a teacher, Joanna is also a spokesperson, model, and volunteer for the Miss America system. She has won pageant awards such as: Miss Utah Valley, 1st Runner up Miss Utah, and 1st Runner up Miss National Sweetheart. Joanna has always had a drive to push herself ever since her upbringing in Southern California and Utah. When she isn’t teaching, she spends her free time playing sports, reading, and expanding her knowledge.


Mac has over 12 years of experience in Marketing and Sales in a broad degree of markets. He graduated with his Master’s in Developmental Psychology from Case Western University in just 1 year, and before that he received his Behavioral Sciences degree from UVU. Mac is the father to three beautiful girls, and spends his free time playing strategy games, mainly chess. He has also been a very successful investor, and is currently the chairman of Mac’s Gift, a charitable foundation for children with cancer.


Stephen has taught thousands in the areas of personal & professional development, entrepreneurship, real estate, and government contracting. When he isn’t teaching and guiding his peers, Stephen is active in his own business projects. He is formerly the owner and President of a large, multi-national, travel management company. In addition to the travel industry, he founded several businesses in the areas of education, wellness, and entertainment. Whether it be helping people acquire property or working with business to overcome roadblocks and increase growth, Stephen has always been in the business of helping others.

Stephen currently spends his free time authoring a forthcoming book on success principles. Stephen is an innovator, transformational thinker, and an overall successful entrepreneur.


After leaving college, Jim began investing in Real Estate. He has owned many rental properties in multiple states, invested in many different land developments, and has even acted as a general contractor on multiple projects. He is a very dedicated teacher and passionate about helping others obtain the same knowledge that he has. He loves to see his students get the right start in their investment careers. His love for teaching has taken him into all 50 states and 7 countries. When he isn’t helping others achieve their dreams, Jim resides in Utah with his wife and 5 children.

He loves to attend his kid’s sporting events and dance activities. He loves to travel with his family, and participates in sports such as boating, surfing, and riding razors.


Andrew Cordle has over 12 years of experience investing in the real estate industry. From rentals to flips, he has been an active trailblazer in the real estate market for the past decade. He is the founder of the National Association of Real Investors (NAREI) and has been on many news networks where he has been interviewed about his strategies. He has written an Amazon best seller book that has clinched a top spot on the online marketplace for many consecutive weeks. He’s been interviewed by some of the most prestigious publications, such as Forbes magazine and also writes for Townhall Finance magazine about the economy of the real estate market in America. He was also offered an opportunity to host his own radio show on the Wall Street Business Network where he has the privilege of educating his listeners about investing strategies and tactics.

Andrew currently strives to give back by growing and expanding NAREI into a global organization that holds onto its local investor meetings to create an educational channel for networking and growing. All the while he still continues to flip, renovate, and rent completing over 145 deals in only an 18-month period.


Doug has a very diverse background.  In addition to his success in real estate and his love of training students all over the world, Doug developed insurance programs for the National Football League (NFL) and Super Bowl, National Basketball Association (NBA), The National Hockey League (NHL), Major League Baseball Teams.  This experience has proven invaluable and he knows what it takes to enjoy success in real estate and build a solid powerteam.

A native of Northern California, Doug attended Brigham Young University.  In additional to pursuing a Business Major, Mr. Williams enjoyed a successful career as a scholarship football player at BYU participating in 3 post season bowl games.  He enjoys skiing, biking and spending time with his wife Rhonda and their 4 children.